Monday, September 19, 2011

$20 Paypal Giveaway

Real Life with Lil' L

Win $20 via Paypal....low entries and an easy Rafflecopter form.

Ends 9/21


  1. Hi Sarah. Thanks for entering my cupcake kit giveaway. The cookie cups sound delicious! I used to enter tons of giveaways and haven't had the time lately but want to get back to it. I need some wins. Do you have a tutorial on how to keep track of your giveaway entries on a spreadsheet? I've never done that and I sure could use some organization. I hear about people who enter 300 to 600 a week and can't imagine how. I think I need some hands on training at my house.

    Good luck in the giveaway. Hugs...Tracy (your newest follower)

  2. Thanks for following! :)

    I am extremely organized when I am entering. I have been thinking of posting some kind of tutorial or at least just how I keep myself organized. That has helped with making entering much faster and prevents me from entering the same ones more than once.

    Hmmm...I will probably start working on that this week sometime.

    Thanks again for following and for the idea!!