Monday, September 19, 2011

Budget Beauty Queen: Giveaway!

Budget Beauty Queen: Giveaway!:

Ends 9/30


  1. If I may, could I suggest that you make your link colors change when they've been visited? I'm using your page as a starting point for giveaways. But I can't tell which ones I've visited already. How did you make it so your posts were segmented? Like each post has it's own little section?

  2. Ok, I changed the link colors. They actually were changing, but it was two colors that were hardly even a shade difference. I don't know why that was the default setting.

    Do you mean how they are in their own little yellow blocks? That was just how this layout was made...I didn't do that. Yours are just separated by a line. You might be able to change it by picking the 'Watermark' design layout, and there are a couple different color schemes, so one might work with your background.