Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ending on 9/21

Ending 9/21

Bacon Time
Bugaboo, Mini, Mr & Me
Day By Day
Deanna Time
Domestic Executive  
Honey Bee Housewife
How Was Your Day
Icy Nails
Meopausal New Mom
Modern Typography
Oh My Gosh! Beck
Our Whiskey Lullaby
Peace, Love, Poop
Petite Co Kids
Playing With Polish
Pretty Much Art
Real Life With Lil L
Rock Oomph
Sabinea Jewelry
Satin Doll Cafe
The Frugal Mom
The Mama Report
To Sew With Love
Turtle Chicks Nails N Tails


  1. Hello :)

    Just wanted to say Thank you for joining in this week for Wobble Over Wednesday, I hope you can swing by in the weeks to come, as well ^.^

    I am now following.

  2. Thank you!! I love the idea of blog's hard to get followers when you are just starting out, so I am trying to do whatever I can to help! :)

  3. I got almost all of these done in time. Or at least the ones I liked. I really can't see wasting 5 minutes of my life for a bottle of juice or a bowl of Oatmeal. No thanks...I'll just go in my kitchen for that.

  4. Yeah, most the time I have a bunch bookmarked and first I go through and do the ones I like the most and then as I have time, just do the rest.