Monday, September 26, 2011

Ending on 9/26

Ending on 9/26...

Be Your Best Mom
Endless Summer
Fabulous Finds - $150
Fabulous Finds - $200
Fabulous Finds - Spooky Buddies
JMan and Millerbug
Julie Ann Art
Lollipops Designs 
My Peace Love and Savings
Nails Made Simple
Oh My Gosh Beck 
One Artsy Mama - Boogaboo
One Artsy Mama - Bossy Sprockets
Once Upon A Product Review
Saving And More
Sweet Serendipity Design 
Swell Swag
The Little People Who Hold My Heart
The Mama Report - Fiber One
The Mama Report - Fun Kids Pajamas
The Mama Report - Machatars
Them Pretty Colors
Voleur De Bijoux


  1. Thanks for the list mama!!! Efficient as usual! What browser do you use? I just switched to Google Chrome for my blogging and giveaways. AWESOME!!! It has all sorts of short cuts to make this faster. I find something new everyday. Anyway, I'm not working for Google. I just want to hump their "theoretical" leg. My phone automatically has my blog feed on it too. I have a very "Google" friendly phone. Google. Google. Google. I should make a tshirt.

  2. I saw a program online that can be downloaded and you can type, say, ~f, and it will write 'I follow on Facebook as Sarah Crawford'. I haven't downloaded it yet but I plan on it. I figure that will make the ones go faster that aren't on Rafflecopter. I am using Firefox now, but I have thought of trying Google Chrome.