Monday, September 26, 2011

Won: Brooch, Tide to Go, and Shrinky Dinks

A few small wins today so far:

Kansas Couture hosted a giveaway for a Butterfly Brooch from the shop Mitu Vintage. My grandma gave me a pin exactly like this when I was a little girl. Makes me wonder if I still have it tucked away somewhere.

[Giveaway Post][Winner Announcement]

 10 Mini Tide-To-Go pens from Saving To Be Rich.

tide to go stain release 300x197 Tide to Go Winners!
[Giveaway Post][Winner Annoucement]

And last, a set of 3D Shrinky Dinks from a giveaway at Pink Dandy Chatter.

[Giveaway Post]


  1. Congrats!!! You are awesome!!!

    I love shrinky dinks. At Xmas, at that toy store in the mall, they had a little christmas tree and you made your own shrinky dink ornaments for it. So cute. And not crafty cute. But cute cute. Maybe you could help Mal make those animals into something cute like that. Maybe a charm necklace or something.

  2. know, I have a bunch of Shrinky Dink blank pages that Nikki sent me a long time ago. That's a cute idea for Christmas ornaments. Or maybe I can figure out something to do with them for Mallory's birthday party. I'm going to try to throw the most cost effective cute party ever since I already won some decorations. lol.

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    Have a great day hun!

  7. And btw...the pin is on that shelf behind your washer and dryer. You don't remember we found it that one day??

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  9. Congrats! That's awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by the Midweek Hopalong! Hope to see you again this week! :)

  10. Aleta - no, I had completely forgotten about that. lol. Thank goodness you remembered.