Sunday, September 25, 2011

Won: Poshtique Designs Party Decorations

Poshtique Designs specializes in printable party invitations decorations. I was lucky enough to win a rainbow collection...

...and a rainbow tutu from Angel Babes Tutus...

...and rainbow hair bands from Pistachio Hair Goods.

 This will be a perfect start for planning my daughters 3rd birthday in December.


  1. Wow!!! You won all that stuff??? That is going to be the best lesbian birthday party ever!!! LOL! I'm kidding. That stuff is way cute and that was a huge win!! Congratulations! I will be glad when you start winning things you didn't want but that I did and you give it all to me. Muahahaha!!!!

  2. Mike is always asking when I am going to win a car or big screen TV for him. lol. Sometimes I get so let down when I see the winners posted for things that I REALLY wanted. Like big make-up or nail polish packs. I can't wait to win something like that.

    I thought that stuff was cute and I can have all kinds of 'rainbow' colored snacks and stuff. :)