Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ending 10/4

Ending 10/4

A Jill Of All Trades
Chic N Savvy Reviews
Daydreaming My Life Away 
Deals 4 Dummies
Deuce Beauties
DFW Craft Shows 
Etsy Fix 
Fabulous Finds
Just Married With Coupons
Let's Win Blog
Life of a Sweetaholic 
Mama Nibbles
Moana Saves
Mommy Katie - Babyganics
Mommy Katie - Oreck  

Musings From a SAHM
My life With Rats and More
Our Whiskey Lullaby
Peace, Love, Poop
Rockin Deals 4 U
Sweep Tight
The Busy Woman's Guide - Betty Crocker 
The Busy Woman's Guide - Scunci
The Mama Report
Well To Do You  


  1. I can tell which ones I did. Because the links are a different color. You do way more than me!!! I only did like 4 off that list. I need to beef up my odds. Or give up!!!! Haven't decided which. I like how your buttons are all matching sizes. But that's because I'm anal retentive. Which apparently you are as well. Unless you figured out some easy way to do that right now. Like one html code for the lot of them. Tell me, because I'm copying you....like usual.

  2. Hi!
    I'm hopping over from the blog hop!
    I'm a new follower now!
    Great blog!

  3. Aleta - yes, I am anal retentive as well. It was driving me nuts that they weren't all lined up. Basically, you just have to go through and change the width of all the ones that are too big. A normal sized button (like mine) is 125 pixels, so I just went through all the ones that were bigger and changed the width to 125. And I did all the giveaway pics at 160. It looks way better now.

    Now following you back, Cheap Cajun. Thanks :)

  4. Hey there! Thanks so much for including WelltoDo in your list!


  5. You are welcome! :) Thanks for hosting the giveaway and the opportunity to win!