Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly Winnings

I'm thinking of reorganizing my blog a bit to make it more 'marketable' I guess. So, I think I am just going to do a once a week post on what I have won from the previous week. I  haven't been getting multiple winnings a day anymore, so that pretty much eliminates the need for a post every day.

Anyways, onto the wins:

I won a 25 follower giveaway from Amandalandish. My prize is 6 of the polishes from the Wet'N'Wild On The Prowl Collection. I am so excited for these because I really wanted them, although, for some reason 2 of the shades weren't included; Behind Closed Doors and Tangled In My Web. I searched all my local drugstores for them, but the collection never even came out in my area. Oh well. I have agreed to do a guest post for her with swatches of the ones that I won, so I am excited for that. Cougar Attack and Correction Tape look like fun polishes!

Next, I won some TheraBreath lozenges from My SoCal Life.

No more dry mouth with TheraBreath Mouth Wetting Lozenges - end bad breath and halitosis, a canker sore

Arguably my most yummy win so far...a sample box of the 6 best selling cheesecakes on Decadance Cheesecakes from Momma Told Me. There were over 2500 entries in this one, so I was very surprised that I won!! Not only that, I am anxious to see what flavors they send. We love cheesecake, so it will be fun to sample different flavors!

Signature Sampler


  1. I'm sorry that you were disappointed with the On the Prowl win, but those six were the only polishes displayed in the drugstore. Even when I saw it elsewhere, the display only contained those colors. I hope that you enjoy the win, even though it doesn't include the polishes you wanted. I look forward to seeing and posting your swatches. -- Amanda from Amandalandish.

  2. Oh no, I wasn't disappointed! lol. I just saw the other two on other blogs swatched with all of these, so I would have liked to do swatches of all in the collection. I have them all swatched, just have to upload the pics and write a little about each polish :)