Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Won: Hearts For Hearts Doll

I won a cute Hearts for Hearts Doll from Mama Nibbles. I know my daughter will love this, since she's really getting interested in dolls lately.

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This week so far I have received a few of my prizes. On Monday, I got my nail art stickers from JOBY Nail Art. They are really cute, black, white, and pink cats and also little kitty paw prints.

Tuesday I received my box of Protein bars, which I thought were not going to be good, but to my surprise, they weren't bad at all. The kind I got tastes almost like a Twix bar, but without so much sugar.

And, today I received the tutu and hair ties that I won. Mallory loves the tutu and calls it 'Princess'. lol. She was really mad that I put it up, but I want to save it for her birthday party. And the hair bands are really great. They are made with thick, sturdy material and have held her hair up all day so far. Which is a miracle. Even with normal elastic hair ties, they usually slide out and I have to fix her hair at least twice a day.

I haven't been winning quite as much this month as I did last. I don't know if it's the sites that I am entering on or if it's just a dry spell. And I don't think I have been entering quite as many since I started this blog...I have still been entering, but also spending a lot of time working on blogging. I guess I will see at the end of the month how my percentages were effected. Cuz I'm a big math dork like that.


  1. If you win enough stuff for Mallory, you may not have to pay anything for her birthday. ;) And you can't win all the time. You've only not one for like a day!!!

  2. That's what I have been thinking. It's hard for me not to give her things right when I get them, though. lol.

    And, yeah, about the winnings. For a few days, there, I was winning multiple prizes in a day so I was on a giveaway high.