Saturday, October 1, 2011

Won: Mechatar Robot

From Musings From A SAHM, a cool interactive robot that you can play with and also hook up to your computer to 'train' it to battle other robots in the series. Very neat.

[Giveaway Post]

This week I received my bag of cocoa (yummy, my daughter is obsessed with it), Shrinky Dinks, Spin Brush, StoPain Spray, Safari Towels, False Eyelashes, and the $25 gift card to Licorice International by email.

I would have liked to take a pic of all these things together, but just never really got around to it. Maybe next week I will just do one weekly post of the things I received for that week. I am still working on getting a good routine for blogging without overwhelming myself, spending TOO much time on the computer, or not enough time to have a worthwhile blog.


  1. Ya...more pictures!!!! I still like to look and see what you won everyday. You're my motivation. That and I know what I'm hitting you up for in a few weeks. LOL! I'm kidding.

  2. Are you talking about this robot thing? Cuz I will give it to you when I get it. Mallory is too little to play with something like that, and I don't know anyone else with a little boy. Jake would like it, I'm sure.