Monday, November 28, 2011

Ending on 11/28

Ending 11/28

Ask Away...(US Only)
DGS Beauty
Fashion Footing (US Only)
Nails From Fairy Tale (International)
Oh My Gosh Beck (US Only)
Overall Beauty (US Only)
Sammi's Blog of Life
Tammy's Two Cents (US Only)


  1. Man I wish I would just win one of those Renuzit Wall Plug IN things already. That or a Carmex gift set. Seeing as I've entered those a thousand times now!!!

  2. Ahahaha, yeah me too. There was another one a while back that I was sure I would win one because I entered so many, but never did. I did win a Renuzit plugin coupon, so now I'm just hoping for the Carmex ;)