Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Swagbucks Collectors Bills + Superpoints

Swagbucks just released a new set of collectors bills for the Thanksgiving Holiday. They normally do this at every holiday, and then if you collect all five bills, you get a SB bonus. The bills can be found by searching through SwagBucks like you normally would and are worth different denominations of points. There is a 'Black Friday' bill that is a big secret. lol. I think it will be worth 8 SB. I can't wait to find it, though. I already got the 10 SB Pumpkin Pie one. I have a detailed SwagBucks post here if you want more info.

Since I am talking about rewards, I might as well tell you about another great program, Super Points. Super Points is an invite only rewards program that gives you points for things like taking surveys, and watching videos. The easiest way to earn points is through their Super Lucky Emails, which I get about once a day, and the Super Lucky Button. They will send you an email that is worth a certain denomination of points. I have seen anywhere from 1 - 25 points, and you just click the link to get the points! The Super Lucky Button is by far the most popular point earning opportunity on Super Points. It is just a button graphic, you click on it, and can get awarded up to 300 points. You start off with only 5 clicks, but once you update your profile, you get 30 clicks per day. You can only join Super Points through invite links, so here are a few. They are only good for one person, so if you want to join and these invites have been taken, just leave me a comment and I will post another one or email one to you :)


  1. hey, i used an invite! thanks hun :) xoxo

  2. Awesome! Let me know if u have any questions about it or anything. Mostly I just get my points from the emails and Lucky Button, but sometimes I do surveys from them when I have time.