Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekly Winnings

I didn't post a 'Weekly Winnings' last Sunday because I had only won one giveaway that week. I had just figured I would add it in with this weeks. Well, lo and behold I ended up winning a ton this week. haha. Yes, you can be jealous ;)

This is the one that I won last week. From Alexandra RC, a bottle of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and a bottle of Nubar Indigo Illusion. Both of these polishes are simply amazing, and I am so lucky to have won them :)

Speaking of lucky, could a polish win get any better than this? Racel Marie hosted a Birthday Blog Giveaway and I won all these goodies! ZOMG!! I seriously am going to have to make more room for polishes after this one! Hopefully I get my Christmas wish - a Helmer!!

Another polish win, I got a holiday set of Wet N Wild's from Pink Dandy Chatter.

On the same day, I won a mystery polish prize pack from A Polished Life. The anticipation is killing me and I can't wait to see what I get! lol. I will definitely let you all know!

Almost more exciting than polish (I said almost!), I won one month free at CA Wine Club from Mom in Management.

Could there really be more, you ask?? Oh yes, there is. A Gorton's prize pack from Mizz Review Lady that includes two coupons for free Gorton's products and also a plate. My daughter loves the Garlic & Herb Filets, so I am happy about this win! :)

I've won this prize before, but now I get one to keep in my car as well as in the kitchen. A bottle of Prefense Hand Sanitizer from Momma's Money.

Polish Vixen had a 'Guess The Polish' post and I was the first to guess correctly!! I won a mini bottle of SpaRitual Rhythm of Life.

SpaRitual Nail Lacquer - Rhythm of Life 

Whew! That's everything for this week. I have to say, it was a rather lucky week. I can only hope that next week has just as many goodies in store for me. I didn't end up getting the job that I interviewed for, so I still won't be able to buy anything new for myself anytime soon. I did ask for a Helmer for Christmas, though :)


  1. Wow you won all these?! It's amazing!!

  2. Yes, I did. It was a lucky week! lol.

  3. wowwww how did you win all this??!!! lucky lucky girl!!

  4. I enter a lot, so I win a lot. And maybe I am a little lucky! lol.