Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekly Winnings

Another episode of my weekly winnings :) I hope you guys are enjoying these posts, I really like doing them.

After entering what feels like hundreds of Shabby Apple dress giveaways, I finally won one from Barefoot By The Sea. I won the Boogie Woogie dress. If I would have gotten a choice, I probably wouldn't have picked this as my first pick, but it is pretty none the less. I hope I get it in time for the holidays. :) Also, I will not be styling this dress anything like the picture. lol.

Another giveaway that I have been entering quite a few of is the Carmex ones. I actually won two of them this week, one from Always Around Boys and the other from Our Crazy Bunch. Funny thing is, I just ran out of my Vaseline Intensive Care lotion, so I am excited to get the Camex ones and try them out.

YAY for more China Glaze! I definitely don't have enough of this in my life. I won China Glaze winter polishes from Makeup Withdrawl.

Glostix had a 'Happy HAULidays' giveaway, and I won all these goodies! YAY! I loves ones with a bunch of different things like this. There is some glitter WetNWild polish, WetNWild eyeshadow, Urban Decay pigment, two lip balms, and a bottle of Mint Julep Masque. I can't wait to get this one!!

Another impressive week for winnings for me :)


  1. Congrats for you Sarah! I wanted so badly the China Glaze snowflake charm necklace :(

  2. Grats! I got a sephora lip set and a watch this week, but I'm still holding out for more nail polishes (my color variety is too few for any of those cool ombre tutorials). I hope my blog is helping out scout out those Shabby Apple giveaways!

  3. so nice :))
    I want to invite you on my giveaway - :))

  4. Thanks everyone!

    @Calli - For some reason I wasn't following your blog, but now I am ...I am so glad you said something about it! lol. Hopefully now I can get more chances to win clothes! :)

  5. Impressive indeed. Congrats!!! I'm so jealous of your Carmex wins!!! I must have entered 50 of those dang giveaways!!! Blah!!!! You're the giveaway queen!!!

  6. That's what I should have named my blog...The Giveaway Queen! lol.

  7. Wow. You are a lucky girl. Congratulations.
    I've never won any international giveaway..

  8. Thank you! :) Just keep entering, you will win something eventually!