Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ending on 1/15

99Raina99 (International)
Beauty and Everything Else (US Only) 
Colores De Carol (International)
Fashionery (Poland Only)
Golden Charm (US Only)
Grace & Beauty 
Molkinaify's World (International)
NailXChange (International)
Need More Nails (International)
Snowflake Says... (International)


  1. Heeeey can you do me a favor and take my giveaway from your sidebar, it's the one with the vampire polishes the mascara and the little by to win that should end on 20th, but I made a mistake and it's already closed, messed up the dates in my head (as I'm in the middle of my exams and kind of lost) and the winner was already announced yesterday, can't change that fact. xD SORRY
    There will be a new giveaway to win tomorrow or in two days!!!!

  2. I took it down. Thanks for letting me know! :)

  3. Thanks a lot! ^^ You're my favorite giveaway page btw ;)


  4. Yay! Thank you. :) I try to keep everything up to date and organized, I think that helps a lot.