Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No Wordless Wednesday this week.

I decided to skip the Wordless Wednesday this week. First, I was going to put up some other pics from Mallory's birthday party that my SIL sent me, but then I figured that would be redundant since I already posted quite a few. I thought about putting up pics of my makeup stash, but it's all unorganized and that doesn't really make for good pictures anyways.

So, just some random updates. I had an interview for a job yesterday. It's for a position at a photography studio oddly enough. I told the interviewer about my blog and he was actually really impressed. He was a younger gentleman and knew what blogging was and everything. lol. They are in the beginning stages of interviewing and I was the first person, so he said he doesn't have an exact time frame on when I will know anything. It's definitely not my number one choice for a job, but it would be something fun to do part time while I finish school and look for something closer to my career field.

School starts this evening. These are my last three classes and then I am done and will have my Associates Degree in Accounting. I am taking Public Speaking, Cost Accounting, and Taxation for Goverment and Non-Profit Agencies. Sounds like a blast, huh? haha. I've been dreading taking public speaking since I first went back to school. And since there are only about 4 professors for all the accounting classes, I have had these two before and they happen to be the ones I don't like. Go figure. The one I have for Cost Accounting never gives a test review, so you basically go into the test having no clue what is going to be on it. She just tells us that if she says it in class, it will be on the test. Well, no kidding. I've had my Tax professor for two other tax classes and auditing. He's alright, but the tests are HARD. So, I will have my work cut out for me this semester. Hopefully knowing it's my last semester will keep me going.

I have really been enjoying blogging, and I hope I can manage my time well enough that blogging doesn't have to take that much of a back seat to everything else.

Thanks everyone for reading, I appreciate all of you!! :)


  1. Good luck on the job! And school as well. Sounds like you have your hands full :) But will be worth it in the long run ;)

  2. Hang in there Sarah! I hope you land the job(:

  3. Thank you both! :)

    @Brandi - oh this is nothing! lol. At one point, I was working a full time job, a second part time job, and also taking 5 classes! It was awful. I was ALWAYS either at school or work or doing homework. I mean, it is still hard work, but at least I have time to get things done!

    @Nicole - I hope so, too! I also ended up going out and putting in nearly ten applications at other places and sent four resumes, so hopefully something comes out of all that. I need to get back to shopping and my wishlist is getting too long! lol.