Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Helmer Time!

I have never seen such a perfect union as a Helmer and nail polish. Seriously. These two go together like PB&J!! It's so little and compact, yet, can hold so much! At first, I looked at it, and then at all my polish that was overflowing out of my large, clunky, three drawer storage and thought that it would never all fit. Then, once I started getting it all in there I realized that I had plenty of room to spare. Pure love!

The container on top is still holding all my manicure tools. Cuticle snippers, nail files, jewels, decals, and lots of other random things are in there.

 This first drawer holds all my nail stripers (which now, thanks to the drawer liner never fall over), crackle polishes, mini polishes, nail strips, cuticle creams, and nail treatments.


China Glaze on the left. I left lots of room because CG is my fastest growing fact, I have 12 on the way right now! Yikes! Barielle, Picture Polish, Nubar, Zoya, Etude House, and a random foreign polish.

Essie (another brand that is growing quickly), Julep (I stole someone else's idea and painted the color on the lid), Milani, NOPI, and Orly. I left lots of room to grow in this drawer since OPI and CG will probably be taking up more room in the near future.

This drawer has lots of drugstore-type polish. Color Club, Klean Colors, Revlon, Sally Hansen, NYC, Max Factor and other random brands that I only have one or two of.

And last but not least, this drawer has Sinful Colors and Wet N Wild polishes in it. 

I am so glad I got the drawer liner, too, because it makes a huge difference! Even my Juleps don't fall over. Since I have everything organized, I have caught myself on more than one occasion just sitting in front of it, looking at all my polish. LOL! Is that strange?! Everything is so easy to find and put away now. I seriously just love it. I can't believe I took this long to get one, but I guess I had to wait til I finally got a job....

Which, is going great! At first, I thought I was just getting a part time min wage job. Not at all. First of all, I am working lots of hours. Like, when they keep you right under full time so that you are still part time. Yeah. Those kinds of hours. And I make commission. Which I thought wouldn't be much, but since it's busy right now because of income tax season, and with all my hours, I am making so much. Basically, I am making a comparable amount to what I was making at my last job, just with way less hours and a fraction of the work! It's so nice to be able to start buying all the things I have been wanting for the past 8 months. lol. :)

Also, my closet is ALMOST complete, so I want to share pics of that, too, because I have been working hard. I basically spent the entire day organizing yesterday and I even moved two large dressers by myself, and put together the Helmer and a bookcase by myself.


  1. Thanks, MariJo! :) It's the most beautiful thing I have ever created...other than my daughter, of course. lol.

  2. Great Stash!!!
    Congrats on your job :)

  3. You can send me any of your nail polishes you don't want anymore. Hah ;)

  4. Thanks everyone!! I remember starting off with around 20 polishes and looking at large stashes with such envy! Who woulda thunk that it wouldn't take even a year to get so many!

    LOL @ Cami! I should do a blog sale, but I look at these like my babies! Parting with one would be like parting with a limb right now. lol. Maybe I will feel differently once I start out growing my Helmer.