Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Use Superpoints

I have referred a few people now to Superpoints, but I feel like it is an awkward rewards experience and people may give up rather quickly if they don't get the hang of it. I am going to explain a little bit of the ins and outs of it because it really is an easy program to rack up a little extra cash or Amazon cards for polish!! I don't earn quite as much from this as I do from Swagbucks, but it's a nice supplemental program and I spend less than 5 minutes a day doing it.

First, when you join, I believe you only start with 5 points unless you joined from someone's like that had bonus points. You also only start with 5 clicks on the Super Lucky Button.

This 'Super Lucky Button' is your main way to earn quick points on Superpoints. There are special offers (trials, surveys, etc) just like on Swagbucks. You can take advantage of these if you want to rack up points quicker, but if I do any special offers at all, I do them on Swagbucks.

Anyways, basically, you just click the button, and you either win points (anywhere from 1 - 200), or you don't. Simple.

Like I said, when you first join, you only get 5 clicks. This is not many at all. To get more clicks, all you have to do is complete your profile. It just includes filling in some basic info like your birthday and location. Very simple and will probably take you less than a minute. You also have to validate your e-mail, which is clicking a confirmation link just like you would a newsletter.

After completing those two easy steps, you get 5 more bonus points (don't quote me on that figure), and you are now in the 'Basic' membership level. At this point, you get 30 clicks per day with the Super Lucky Button. Much better than 5, huh?

Any membership level above Basic, you need referrals. To reach the Gold level, you need to have uploaded a basic picture of yourself (like FB) and have at least 2 referrals who are in the Basic membership level. This will get you 50 Lucky button clicks a day. To get 100 clicks per day, there are the same profile requirements, but you need 5 referrals at Basic membership level. Which means your referrals have to complete their profile and validate their email.

Oh, and once you get to the Gold membership level, you earn what your referrals earn. So, if they win 10 points on the Lucky Button, then so do you. Some programs, like Swagbucks, you can earn very quickly with no referrals, but this is a program that it really is beneficial to have a couple friends join under you.

Also, about once a day you will get a Super Lucky Email from them with points. There is no ads or anything, just a notification of how many points it's worth (I've seen 1 - 25), and you get them when you click on it.

I don't think this is the fastest earning rewards program out there, but it also isn't the worst. If you can get a couple active referrals, then it can really be worth your while. You can only join via invite link from someone that is already a member. Here are a few if you are interested in joining.

If all of these end up getting used, just leave me a message in the comments or email me, and I will post some more. Happy earning! :)

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