Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mail Call!

Here's my day late mail post :) It was my fiance's birthday over the weekend, plus with work and school I was super busy.

Zoya LC, Zoya Bevin, Revlon Whimsical, OPI On The Same Paige, China Glaze Lubu Heels
Ugh, I am so glad to be getting a new camera soon! See how the Zoya and OPI look the same shade? Well, they arent' even close! LC is a beautiful pinkish red, and OTSP is a bright orange.

Anyways, I got the Zoyas from the Valentine's promo, the Whimsical from A Girl And Her Polish, and the OPI and China Glaze from Amazon. I managed to get Lubu Heels for just over four bucks.

A few random notes....Orly Bonder is AMAZING!! I  have been having to take off my polish because I am tired of it rather than because it is chipping and peeling off. Also, even if there is a small chip, it doesn't make the rest of my polish all peel off like what was happening before. I am so glad I found it because I can keep the same polish on for over 3 or 4 days now, even with taking showers and doing my hair/makeup.

I found another use for acetone, as well. It removes super glue! I was fixing a toy to my daughter's doll house and managed to explode a tube of super glue all over my hands. Even down under my finger nails and all. Something made me try the acetone, and it worked like a charm! So, if you ever get super glue on your hands just use your acetone to remove it :)


  1. These shades look beautiful. I was just looking at Whimsical, need it in my collection :)

  2. SO JEALOUS. i keep trying my best to find 'Whimsical' & i never can. hmph. That CG looks awesome, too! Can't wait to see swatches. Also, tagged you for 2 awards in my most recent post. go here:


    if you want to do it! :)