Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Giveaway Update - AGAIN!!

I got an e-mail today from someone who doesn't want their giveaways listed on here anymore. I have to say, I was slightly disheartened. They felt it was unfair to the people that follow them already. :-/ I can understand the point, I suppose.

At any rate, here are the new prizes I have put into the giveaway. I have been thinking of splitting this up between multiple winners since there are so many prizes being added. Please let me know what you think of this idea, because I don't want to make anyone else mad! lol.

For 250 Blog Lovin Followers: Sinful Colors Nail Junkie

For 450 +1's: Sinful Colors Rise and Shine

These two polish look really nice layered together!

:) Have a great day everyone!


  1. That really sucks that someone doesn't want their giveaways listed on here anymore! I find so many new blogs that I fall in love with by clicking on your giveaway links so I don't really understand why they wouldn't want the publicity! Isn't a large part of blogging to reach as many people as possible? Oh well, you can't please everyone! BUT try npt to be disheartened bc there are many of us out here who appreciate what you do :)
    p.s. the new polishes you added to the giveaway are stunning!

  2. Yeah, that is how I thought of it. I figured bloggers would like the word getting out about their giveaways, but some see it more as a way of rewarding loyal readers.

  3. That's somewhat disheartening! I may use giveaways to help me find blogs but I always stay for the polish-love. I've never unfollowed a blog post giveaway.

    Great additions to your giveaway!

  4. I don't think the person who emailed you realizes the benefits of others posting about their giveaways like you do; giveaways always create more followers. Yes, not all of them stick around, but a few do, and those few make your blog successful. I've discovered so many amazing blogs from seeing giveaways on this site and I visit those blogs almost daily looking for updates. It's a shame they couldn't see the benefits, but I know a lot of bloggers and readers like myself are very appreciative of your hard work!

    1. Oh, and I don't mind if you have multiple winners; there's a better chance I win. hehe ;)

  5. That is stupid! Many of the blogs that I follow I have found through this page!

    And of course I don't mind either if there is multiple winners :)

  6. I agree with all the comments. Makes no sense to not want their giveaways on here. Don't they want more people to find their blog? I don't think the person thought the whole thing thru before she contacted you. Multiple winners is a great idea. I will share my winnings. Hehe.
    Much love

  7. thats really rude . but you cannot please everyone. your blog is a great source to know about newer blogs . Multiple winners is a great idea.

  8. Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments. To be fair, the e-mail was very polite and kind. She just thought it was unfair to the people that actually read her blog.

    Although, she did say there was a high volume of visitors through my blog, so at least I was happy that people actually use this blog as a source for finding their giveaways! lol.

    And I agree with you all! I have found most of the blogs I love through giveaways. I have never unfollowed after a giveaway was over. I think most people are like this. I have only in total, have had maybe 5 people unfollow my blog. That's not much considering there are over 1000 followers!

  9. I also find new blogs through giveaways :/

    Multiple winners sound good

  10. I guess I can see the person's thoughts on it, some may come just for the giveaway and that stinks but you are always going to have that no matter what. I love being able to find giveaways here at your blog and I have found some great blogs that way. I always plan to stick around otherwise I don't bother to even enter the giveaway.

    Oh and multiple winners sounds good, share the love. :)


    PS.. I have a "Have a Good Friday" Giveaway going on right now and if you wanted to mentioned it with your giveaway posts that would be awesome. :)

  11. Just came across your lovely blog sweetie, am now following, kisses xxx

  12. Oh Oh I almost forgot I am doing a mac giveaway incase your interested check my competition page xxx

  13. I've found lots of new blogs through the giveaway links on your blog! But I only ever enter giveaways hosted by blogs that I know I'll want to keep following — I feel like that's the fair way to do it.

    Also: multiple winners on your giveaway does sound like a good idea, there are so many prizes to be won!

  14. I never unfollow a blog on which I entered a giveaway!
    Having multiple winners for your giveaway is a good idea - you will make more people happy!