Saturday, March 17, 2012

Julep Mystery Box & Giveaway Update

I got my Julep Mystery Box today. Here is what I received (plus three chocolates that me and my daughter ate immediately) :

Sofia, Carrie, Jennifer, Base Coat, Mini Hand Brightener, Mini Hand Scrub, and a crystal nail file.

I am still on the fence about my feelings of this box. I am pleased with the amount of items I received...that isn't the problem. Just most of the items, I am indifferent about. I already have a large tube of the hand scrub,  and a million different bottles of lotion, so I didn't really need either of those. I don't use crystal nail files, so I will probably throw that in as a bonus prize of a giveaway. 

Sofia, Carrie, Jennifer, Base Coat

As for the nail colors, I wasn't too impressed with those either. Sofia is a sheer green with green and blue shimmer. At first, I didn't care too much about this because I am not a huge fan of sheer polishes or layering polishes really. But, then I did a quick coat over my green mani that I am wearing and realized that it dries matte. That changed my mind about it a little bit. At least it's a bit more versatile now. Carrie is a medium pink creme. This is the only opaque shade in my box, and I don't even care for the color that much. lol. It's pretty, but I usually go for something a little more bold when I chose pinks. Jennifer is a sheer light pink polish. Like something you would use for a french mani. And I don't do french mani's. Go figure.  I already am a loyal user of Orly Bonder Basecoat, but I guess I could give Julep's a try.

Overall, I am not unhappy, but also am not jumping for joy over this box. It will not deter me from purchasing more mystery boxes when they come around. Like I said, I am happy about the amount of items. Definitely got more than in a regular Maven box. Just the luck of the draw with the colors wasn't exactly up my alley. 

And for the giveaway update...I reached my 600 FB Likes goal, so I added Sinful Colors Bikini to the prize! You can check out an updated list of the prize pack here.  This giveaway is turning out to be really fun for me! lol. :) I'm surprised I am hitting these goals so quickly, though!!


  1. you are such a lucky girl , i have never won any international giveaway contest yet. but participation is itself really fun !!

  2. I received one too, actually bought it for that 1 cent deal and wasn't pleased. I've been trying to blog about it but my phone is messed up and the pictures are in there.. bummer.

  3. The boxes have been pretty hit and miss for me. Sometimes I really love the shades, other times, not so much. I do enjoy getting a 'mystery', though, and that it's a surprise. I think that it is fun, and I will certainly be getting the next one! lol.

  4. The shades look great!!! Thanks for sharing :)