Monday, March 26, 2012

Mail Call! - Zoya promo and Giveaway winnings

My beautiful Zoya's from the B3G3 Promo! I love all these colors...and I only ended up with one coral shade! lol.  Maya looks kinda coral in the pic, but she's definitely pink IRL.
Tru, Charisma, Pippa, Moxie, Maya, Heidi

My giveaway winning from my blogging friend Meve.

ORLY Prisma Gloss Gold & Silver, Quo Flirt, Quo Bliss
The ORLY's are so pretty! Silver is very similar to China Glaze Fairy Dust. They may even be dupes...I will have to check that out. I'm not a huge fan of glitter polishes, but I do love me a holo top coat like these! And the Quo's are gorgeous, too. They have a really unique pearly quality to them. Definitely at the top of my 'To Swatch' list. :)


  1. Im soo jealous Heidi and the Orly silver glitter are stunning!!

  2. Wow Great colors! Love them all!

  3. Great winnings! Quo has partnered with Orly now to be Quo by Orly so those Quo polishes are actually quite rare.

  4. I got Pippa in mine too! I love her! The most beautiful yellow polish I've used.

    1. I am loving yellow polishes right now. Probably because it's spring time...I can't wait to see how she looks on the nail!

  5. These shades look so beautiful :) Xoxo, Christine♥