Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No-Buy Schmo-Buy & Giveaway Update

Here are the two new giveaway prizes for two more goals hit. 1100 GFC Followers and 650 FB likes:

CG Fairy Dust, Spoiled Ants in My Pants

And here are some purchases from over the weekend, even though I told myself I was on a no-buy.  These are from random sources...Sally's, CVS, Target, Walmart.
Japanese Koi, Thataway, Shower Together, Fifth Avenue

Spoiled Ants in My Pants, Essie Sand Tropez, Essie Peach Daiquiri, NOPI Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam
I've previously expressed dislike over NOPI, basically becauset of the price and the odd bottle shape. I really hate the bottle. But, some of their colors, I really like. KHALL, and there are a couple others at CVS or Walgreens...A light yellow and a coral color that I might pick up. Great. The last thing I need is another polish brand to start obsessing over. lol.

Hopefully you guys like the new prizes I picked out for you!  :)

Ooohhhh, and I finally ordered my new camera today, so hopefully it will be here by the end of this week. That is the best case scenario! Or, at worst, the beginning of next week...so, I will be able to start swatching! I am so excited for that!

And, I have TONS of nail mail to share. My Zoya promo order came in, I got one of my giveaway prizes (waiting on two more), and I am waiting on a couple Amazon orders.

One more little note...I am in love with the new collections coming out. I have money set aside for the WnW LE collection, Sinful Colors Summer Sheers, Zoya Beach (maybe a couple from Surf), and am setting aside a bit this month and next for the China Glaze on Safari collection. I think it comes out in May or June. I want to make sure I get my hands on all of these! lol. I wish I could pre-order the Zoyas before the 1st of April. I am stoked for those!