Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shoe Haul - I love my job!

I love the fact that every week I work the day after we get our truck, so I get first dibs on the new shoes that came in. I usually will buy the ones that catch my eye right away, and then through the week, as there are mark downs and I see more that I like, I will keep those in mind for the next Thursday. I try to only buy on Thursdays.

Unfortunately, there are a few that I see already that I want to buy for this week!! I think 2 of them, I am going to wait to see if they go on sale within the next month or so.
There's a cute pair of brown with multi colored polka dotted rain boots. Those are on sale for only 12 dollars. There is also a pair of short cowboy boots that would look cute with dresses or jean shorts for only 16 dollars. Then, a pair of snake skin gladiator sandals for 27 and a pair of red platform heels for 24. Those are the two that I want to go on sale. Oh...and there are some flats that I want...three of them to be exact, but those are pretty reasonably priced (15-20) and get marked down frequently, so I will probably buy one pair each week. That's too many shoes! lol.

Anyways, here are the ones that I bought this week...

Cute floral printed wedges. I love floral print!

White sandals. I don't care too much for plain flip flops, so this was a fun alternative.

Flats for work. Did I mention I love floral print?!
Which are your favorite pair? What shoes do you think I should buy this week? Rain boots, cowboy boots, red pumps, or snake skin gladiators? Also, what pair of flats should I get...grey tweed, nude w/ white polka dots, or black w/ white polka dots? Decisions, decisions!


  1. I love those floral wedges! I would buy those in an instant. Also grey tweed flats sound like they could be nice and the cowboy boots, I love wearing boots with dresses

  2. Love the flats! I love the sales in the USA - you could find some great stuff for just a couple of dollars!
    I think that getting a pair of rain boots is a great idea! I would also go for a polka flats - they are a little bit colorful and you have to be careful with what colors you are wearing them. But still - polka dots are so cuteee!

  3. Thanks, everyone! I almost bought a couple pairs today, but I decided I will wait til Thursday to see what comes in before I decide for sure.

  4. OOoooh very nice i love them all good for you!! enjoy =)

  5. I love your those wedges and the flats!

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  7. I own the floral wedges from madden girl bought them at burlington coat factory on clearence for 7 dollars

  8. Wow!! I wish I only paid 7 bucks for them!! Maybe I should start checking out Burlington more often.

  9. Those are so cute! I love those floral shoes, I saw some similar ones at shopbellamode.com in a more darker floral color for like $18 on clearance but they didn't have my size in that style :( but i did end up getting 2 really cute pair of pumps for like $34 so i was stoked!

    1. Thanks! 2 Pairs of pumps for 34 dollars is a great deal!! :)