Thursday, March 8, 2012

St. Patricks Day Mystery Box

Julep is doing it again. They are selling a mystery box for St. Patricks Day. Use the code GREEN to get it for only 19.99, and get anywhere from 60 - 200 dollars worth of products!! I just can't pass it up...I love a good surprise :) Hurry and order, there are only 2000 boxes and when those are gone, they are gone!!


  1. Every month I see these deals come and go...I always want to get in on one, but haven't had the chance yet. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Me, too. I finally gave in this month. Might as well, I passed on the March Maven box because I didn't care for the colors, so maybe I will get lucky with this mystery box!

  2. I'm so sad that is not available to my country :(
    And here in Portugal we don't have mistery boxes :(