Sunday, March 4, 2012

This weeks haul

I've been going a little crazy since I have a quite a few months worth of polish to catch up with! :) lol. Once I get my wishlist down to a normal size, I don't think I will be buying polish quite like this.

First, I checked Walgreens for the Sinful Colors Cast Away Collection. That wasn't out yet, so I grabbed a couple Essies to make myself feel better.

Secret Story and E-Nuf is E-Nuf.

I rarely buy Essie from the drugstore because I can get it for around 6 bucks on Amazon, but I picked these up anyways because they looked so bright and cheerful.

Then, I went to Rite Aid to see if, by any slim chance, they had the Cast Away, and of course they didn't. They did have Bourghese on clearance for only two dollars, though! I had to resist the urge to buy the other few shades that were left. I limited myself to just these two.

Euro Green and Riviera Sunset

I had a couple Sally's coupons and I knew I wanted a few of the new CG's, so I went ahead and grabbed those. At first, I wanted the whole collection. but after looking at the bottles, I decided on four that are pretty unique to my collection.

Riveting, Agro, Stone Cold, and Smoke and Ashes

Notice the difference in quality in that last pic? I am finally figuring out lighting and my crappy camera! LOL. I'm still getting a new one, though.


  1. The Essie colours look gorgeous, but they always peel off on me :/ xoxo

  2. That used to happen to me with a lot of polishes. I am using Orly Bonder as my base coat now, and it never happens! Next time you need a base coat, try that and see if it helps. Some people also use CND Sticky...I have heard that works really well, too.