Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This weeks polish haul

Ugh. I am putting myself on a drugstore no-buy until the new WnW LE comes out. I set aside my money for  whenever it finally arrives in my area. I will be stalking until then.

Anyways, I finally came across the Sinful Colors Cast Away Collection. I bought them all just because they are only 2 bucks, but I could have lived without a few. They should have just called this the Underwater Collection with how much blue/teal is in it. I would have liked to see a yellow instead of one of the teal colors...
Be Happy, Greek Isles, Athens
 These three are the same exact shade, just light, medium and dark. :-/ And the one is called Be Happy, so I really don't even think it is part of this collection. I don't know why they decided to throw that one in there. That should have been a yellow, I think.

Zeus, Neptune, Grecian Sun

Pandora, Olympia
I decided I wanted CG Luxe and Lush from the Hunger Games collection, but they were out of that one, so I got Fast Track instead. And, a couple others that were on my wish list, plus I wanted to try the Beauty Secrets Nail Hardener. It works alright, I suppose, but there wasn't a huge difference as to when I have base coat, three coats of polish, and top coat anyways.

Fast Track, Secret Peri-Wink-Le, Rose Among Thorns, Beauty Secrets Nail Hardener
 And then, after I saw the post about the new WnW's, I went to CVS to see if by chance they had it. Of course, they didn't, but I saw a couple Milani's that I liked. Then I saw they were BOGO 50% off...then, I saw that when you bought 30 dollars of Milani, you got a 10 dollar gift card. Way to sucker me in, CVS!

Milani Gems Hot Pink, Milani One Coat Glitter Silver Sparkle
 I don't know why these bottles refused to photograph correctly. They are older shades, so you can always google them if you are really interested in what they look like.

Trying to capture the holo gems in Hot Pink

Orchidia, Beach Front, Mint Candy, Sail Away
Even with better lighting figured out for my crappy camera, swatch pics still suck:
Trying to take swatch pics
I have already ordered my gift cards from Swagbucks and Superpoints, so I am just waiting on them to arrive so I can get a new camera!


  1. Awesome haul! Lots of great colors :)

  2. Thank you! I'm loving all the bright colors for spring!

  3. These are lovely!