Saturday, March 31, 2012

Zoya & Drugstore Haul

I ordered the Zoya Beach & Surf Collections, plus a few extras. :) Also, the Feel Collection is coming to me next week...I got it half off during the GMA promo.

Rory, Carly, Kimber, Myrta, Meg, Zuza

Shelby, Lara, Reagan, Arizona, Tracie, Wednesday

Anchor Base Coat, Lemon Dream Sugar Scrub, Remove+
I am so excited to try Kimber, Arizona, and Wednesday. I love them all, but those three are my fave! Also, we'll see if their base coat is better than Orly's!

And because I am still stalking for the WnW Collection that will probably never be in my area:

Orly Fowl Play, Essie Mango Bango, Essie Mochacino, NOPI Strike a Pose, NOPI Ladies in the Limlight
Actually, I didn't get the Orly at CVS. I ordered it on Amazon. Didn't want to mislead anyone. lol.


  1. Shelby, Lara and Arizona look lush xxx

    1. I love Arizona! I am sad, though, because she looks VERY similar to Jancyn in the bottle. I am going to have to compare and see how they are different.

  2. Ah! Shelby, Lara and Reagen look so pretty!

    1. I take it you like pinks. lol. They are very pretty! I can't wait to wear them. :)