Monday, April 9, 2012

Milani Sail Away

Milani Sail Away is a dark blue, almost navy, polish with sliver flecks in it. At first I thought it was a shimmer, but upon application, and further inspection throughout the day, I have decided it was more of a flecked polish. Normally, for whatever reason, I don't like dark blues on me, but this one grew on me. Also, it was a one coater...yes, ladies, ONE COAT for complete opaque-ness. Only thing that was a downfall was that it seemed to chip much faster than my other polishes like CG, Essie, or Zoya. I can handle that, though, for such a pretty color!

For whatever reason, my camera did NOT want to focus on this color at all. So, it was hard to pick up the silver flecks but I tried. Also, I noticed my pointer finger looks smudgey in some wasn't at all. Must have just been the angle of the light.

Pics are all one coat of polish, plus one coat of SV.


  1. Ooooo I have polishes like this but no where near as dark. I may need this :p

    1. Yeah, these polishes with the flecks were very popular for the spring collections. I was surprised to see one so dark, as well!