Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rewards Recap

Well, this month I finally cashed in most of my points and got a new camera, so I have pretty much started over from scratch in Swagbucks and Superpoints. I don't know what I am saving for now...I guess just a polish collection or something. Maybe a laptop, but I think I am just going to buy one. IDK yet, it's still too early to tell.

Other than Swagbucks, I haven't been spending too much time earning points this month. My Superpoints and Mypoints balance is suffering, but I just haven't had the time. SB is so easy because it's just searching, which is something I normally do, so I don't have to take any extra time to earn!

I am also going to keep a running tally of how much I have redeemed for the year, as well, so you can get a good idea of what I have really earned.

Swagbucks: 1498 points =  $15.00 Amazon (1800 for $20)
$55.00 Redeemed
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Superpoints - 723 points = $5.00 Amazon (1,000 for $10)
$25.00 Redeemed
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Mypoints -2611 Points (3,950 for $25.00)
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Google Adsense - $15.44 (Cash Out at $100.00)