Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ending 5/31

Amethyst (International)
Ashley Elizabeth's Beauty Blog (International)
Crys Loves Polish (International)
Dragon Lady Nails (International)
Free Beauty Evens (US Only)
Jeanne's Creativity Spot (US Only)
Marci's Nails
MeliNails (US & Canada)
Nail Art By Kelly-Ann (US Only) 
Nailed to the T (International)
Painted Pixies (US Only)
Pampered With Polish (US Only)
Peace, Love & Polish (US Only)


  1. you rock at keeping up with all these giveaways! thanks for the daily endings as well! Special thanks for including my giveaway! You rock! I am doing superpoints but can't figure out how to add you as a friend! my link is on my blog.

    1. Awww, thanks Jeanne! IDK if we can add friends on Superpoints...I will check. I know that you can on Swagbucks, you do that one?