Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rewards Recap April 2012

I love just going about my normal internet business and earning a little bit of extra polish money each month. It's not much, but I figure if I can cash out every couple months and get an entire collection that I've had my eye on, then it's worth it to me. Especially if I'm not even doing anything extra. I think I am going to get up to $45 and get the China Glaze Up & Away Collection.

My running tally as of April 30th.

Swagbucks: 2952 points =  $20.00 Amazon (3150 for $25)
$55.00 Redeemed in 2012
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Superpoints - 1111 points = $10.00 Amazon (1,500 for $15)
$25.00 Redeemed in 2012
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Mypoints -2611 Points (3,950 for $25.00)
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Google Adsense - $19.32 (Cash Out at $100.00)


  1. How do you earn most of your SB? I've been trying the surveys but frustratingly get half way through the long ones only to be told I don't qualify...

    1. Ugh, I hate that. I only did surveys back when I didn't have a job and had the time to spare. Now, I earn them mostly from searching. I did a post about earning SB...


      Maybe that will help?

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  3. I think it finally took my entry?

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