Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rewards Recap - May

I love just going about my normal internet business and earning a little bit of extra polish money each month. It's not much, but I figure if I can cash out every couple months and get an entire collection that I've had my eye on, then it's worth it to me. Especially if I'm not even doing anything extra.

If you would like to earn some free stuff, too, just join any of these programs below. I like to cash mine out for Amazon giftcards that I use for polish! You can also cash out your points for PayPal cash!

My running tally as of May 31st.

Swagbucks: 4310 points =  $35.00 Amazon (4500 for $40)
$55.00 Redeemed in 2012
Join Swagbucks

Superpoints - 1541 points = $10.00 Amazon (1,800 for $15)
$25.00 Redeemed in 2012
Join Superpoints

Mypoints -3100 Points (3,950 for $25.00)
Join Mypoints

Google Adsense - $24.30 (Cash Out at $100.00)


  1. Hi! I created an account in Mypoints.. but I don't know how to exchange the point for money to spend in a store.. could you please explain me?
    I have found you giveaways blog really usefull, I chek it every day for the International Giveaways

    1. There is a link on the top right of the homepage that says 'Rewards'. Check there for what you can cash your points in for.

    2. Thank you :) Any way I don't know how you get sooo many points!

    3. I don't get as many as I used to. I use Swagbucks search bar, so that is how I rack up so many with that. The Mypoints ones has been building up for a while now. :)

  2. Thanks for the tips about the "points" available. I too find your blog helpful.

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