I am 28 years old, engaged and have a three year old daughter. Currently, I am working in retail and finishing up my Associates Degree in Accounting. I enjoy shopping, nail polish, and blogging...and of course, entering giveaways!! I love my family, myself, and life. At this moment, things couldn't be better!! <3

My SIL, Fiance, and me on my bday. June 2011

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My beautiful daughter


  1. cute little girl! I loved your long hair, shame you cut it off. Mine is longer than yours was in the photo though, so I totally get that it can be a pain to maintain :D

    1. Thank you. My long hair was pretty, but after spending over a month of NEVER doing anything with it, I figured it was time to let go. lol. I sometimes contemplate letting it grow back out, though.

  2. We miss you ,come on back to the internet universe.I miss your daily posts!