I figured I would start a new page for 2012 so the list wasn't sooo long. Click here for my 2011 winnings.

1/9/2012Pretty and PolishedDiamond in the Rough & Ms. Manicure
1/22/2012Blush and the BlogMy Lip Stuff Balms
1/23/2012Pointless CafeRevlon Whimsical
1/27/2012Kiss My AcetoneKonad Starter Kit & Plate
2/11/2012Ladies Home JournalPolish, Lipstick
2/12/2012A Girl And Her PolishRevlon Whimsical
2/24/2012Pammy Blogs BeautyJulep Maven Box
3/2/2012The Broad StrokeRevlon Expressionist Collection & Hard Candy Beetle
3/3/2012Gossip About Makeup BlogNYX Makeup
3/13/2012All Things Meve LoveQuo & Orly Polishes
3/16/2012Both Hands PolishedEssie & Glitter Gal Polish
3/31/2012365 Days of ColorSinful Colors & Pretty and Polished Polishes
4/13/2012Concrete and Nail PolishSation Nail Polishes
4/17/2012Be Your Best Mom2 coupons free Gorton's items
4/25/2012The Giveaway LadyBlue Smoke Salsa Gift Basket
5/1/2012Fingers Polish ManiaSaflojo polishes, Sinful Colors Polishes, Stamping Plates
5/1/2012Pretty In PaintA Crewed Interest & Tour De Finance
5/26/2012Classy and FabulousEssie Poppy-Razzi Collection


  1. Expecting this list to be very long by the end of the year! I love coming back to see what you've won. You're the queen of comps! :)

    Take care. x

  2. wow how do you win so much stuff. you must own a four leaf clover!

    1. Just by entering a lot of giveaways, honestly! The more you enter, the better your chances are of winning one. :)

  3. Wow! That's amazing! It's good that you do giveaways too, sharing the love :P Any tips and tricks?

    1. Actually, yes, I did a Giveaway Tips post a while back...

      I may do another one, or repost this one since I have way more followers now!